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Random Thoughts of a Broke Student

My parents were very supportive of me going to college, however their support was demonstrated through encouraging words, buying school supplies, rides to school, being good parents. BEING GREAT PARENTS. They gave me their 100% so I could never be bitter that they didn’t have a college fund waiting for me.

I could have done better in High School

I could have received a scholarship

I could have made different choices.

I listened to advice from family members who assured me that any amount in student loans would be worth it because I would be able to afford it. I would be able to LIVE with that debt as a sheer annoyance to my every day life. My every day ADULT life. But Advice isn’t holding a Gun to my head. I could have looked into the debt i was SIGNING. I should have taken my life into my own hands and for lack of a better phrase, man’d the fuck up. and stop borrowing for a school that i couldn’t afford.

Im torn because for everything i am bitter about, i admit RESPONSIBILITY.

I don’t want to evade paying back my debts. Those are debts I chose to have. Making poor choices at 17 doesn’t mean i am not accountable for them at 22. Even though adults who purchase cars,clothes, homes, and rack up credit card debt can evade their choices through filing bankruptcy along with a plethora of other options. And that’s all i want….

I just want a reasonable option to pay them back, I want for the interest rates I originally had to go back to what they were instead of the quadrupled version of it on my monthly payments now. i want an Income Based Repayment option for my private loans. I want to PAY. But I also have to eat, have to pay rent, have to have water, electric.

I am admitting poor choices, so why can’t the lenders as well? With our economy in the pits why not come up with flexible ways to be repaid? Lets fix this together, not at the expense of graduates, of their co-signers?

I am Nicole. I am not a NUMBER. You can keep your percentages. All i want is options.

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